Testimonials wanted!!- Monday, July 22, 2013

We know you love it! We do too!! We are looking for your stories! What happened to you? Why did you seek out Perma-Wrap? Do you always have a supply on hand? Why? What do you use it for? Reply to this blog post with your stories of why you bought Perma-Wrap and how it saved your _______!!

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What Perma-Wrap do I need for my leak?- Friday, February 22, 2013

 Pressurized Vs. Depressurized Wrap

Broken Pipes can be a hassle! We want to make it quick and easy for you to fix your plumbing problems. Follow this simple diagram to quickly determine what item # you need to make your pipe repair.

This diagram shows you the type of Perma-Wrap you need for your specific plumbing problems. Can you release the pressure when you need to do the repair? Do you have a 0-1.5" pipe, a 1.5"- 4" pip or a 4" -6" Pipe?  Based on those two simple questions you have the type of Perma-Wrap you need to fix your broken or leaky pipe! 

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What can I use PERMA-WRAP™ on?- Tuesday, September 11, 2012

This is what we came up with! Can you come up with more uses?

Click on "comments" below to add your suggestions...we'd love to hear from you! 

Property Mgmt Colleges Municipalities Pools & Spas Electric Boat & Marine
Pipes, Tees Steam Lines Water Lines Pipes Conduit Cracked Piping under docks
Water Lines Garbage Disposals Pipes Valves Flanges Water
Air Compression Hoses Refrigeration Lines Joints Joints Gasket Leaks Fuel
Drain Lines Handles on Lawn Equip. Tees Tubing Fiberglass Poles Sewage
Sewer Lines Sewer Lines Elbow Pump Pipes cracked/rust areas Prevent Corrosion
Shower Heads Drinking Fountains Sewer Lines Cylinder Fins Binge Pump Lines
Joints Drain Lines Hoses Ground Sleeves Exhaust Lines
Elbows Hoses Handles on Equip Bullet holes intake pipes on Pumps
Steam Lines Sprinklers Lift Stations insulators Tanks
Freon Lines Joints Irrigation Systems
Condensate Tees City Sweepers
Drain Pipes Elbows Oil Lines
Garbage Disposals Water Lines Threak leaks
Schools Parks Correctional Golf Courses Oil Hospitals
Dishwasher Elbows, Tees, Joints Pipes Elbow, Tees, Joints Hoses Steam Lines
Steam Lines Lawn Equip Encapsulation Sprinkler Heads Shut Off Valves Drain Lines
Garbage Disposals Gas Lines Gas Handles on Equip. Flow Lines Drain Pipes
Refrigeration Lines Under Sink Repairs Forced Sewer Sprayers Gathering Systems Shower Heads
Drinking Fountains Irrigation Lines Steam Hoses Holding Tanks Coils
Sewer Lines Pumps Sprinkler Heads Mufflers Floating Roofs Hoses
Joints,Tees, Elbows Air Compressor Hoses Shower Heads Hydraulic Tanks
Drain Lines Drains Drains Garbage Disposals Garbage Diposals
Hoses Drinking Fountains Hoses Sinks Air Conditioner Lines
Sprinklers Shower Heads Rusted Pipes Tubs
Water Lines Hook up Lines Condensate Valves Sinks
Plastic Molding Green Houses Water Residential Agriculture
Air Lines All Piping Pipes & Elbows Predrain Pipes Irrigation Lines
Vacuum Holes Steam Lines Steam Lines Corroded Iron Pipes Equipment Hoses
Chiller Lines Heating/Cooling Drain Lines Copper Water Pipes Drain Lines
Sprinkler Systems Hoses Drain Pipes
Steam Line Leaks Hoses
Water Systems Hydraulics
Heating/Cooling Air conditioner Lines
Heating Lines
Condensate Lines
Lift Stations
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