How to Use PERMA-WRAP™

See the video below for directions how to use PERMA-WRAP™

Directions for Use


Determine the diameter of pipe for the correct size of PERMA-WRAP. Use 2” wraps for up to 3” diameter lines. Use 3” wraps for 3” to 4” diameter lines. Use 4” wraps for lines up to 6” diameter. Remove pressure from the line to ensure the strongest possible bond. On very smooth surfaces such as copper and PVC, sanding will add to the holding power of PERMA-WRAP. Other surfaces should be reasonably clean to ensure strongest possible bond.

1. Generously cut PHP so as to more than cover the break area (example: 1” x 1” piece for a small hole). Peel off the protective backing. Apply PHP directly over the damage (hold, crack, etc.) Knead PHP into the damaged area (see directions on PHP package).

2. Tear/cut open the top of the sealed PERMA-WRAP package and fill with water (fresh or salt water) let soak for about 20 seconds.

3. Put on enclosed gloves and remove wrap from package. Begin wrapping the presoaked wrap by holding the wrap end with your thumb directly on top of the PHP/break area. Continue wrapping across the PHP/break area wrapping with 1/4” overlay and ending 2” on each side of the PHP/break area. Use all of the PERMA-WRAP wrap putting 4 to 6 layers over the PHP/break area.

4. Repeatedly squeeze and tighten wrap (kneading) in the direction of the application for approximately 4 minutes. This action causes the resin to penetrate all the layers of the wrap for better bonding and greater strength and helps remove air pockets.

Allow 30 minutes for drying time before resuming operating pressure.

To repair under pressure: Reduce line pressure to 40 psi--45 psi and do the above same steps.

Removing all pressure will ensure the strongest possible bond!


1. Identify the broken area, remove all pressure from the line will ensure the strongest possible repair.

2. On very smooth surfaces, sanding or scuffing will add to the holding power of PHP. Other surfaces should be reasonably clean.

3. Cut PHP-PATCH to size to seal the leak (for example, a 1" x 1" piece will be sufficient for a pinhole.

4. Put on the enclosed gloves -- gloves go on easier if your hands are dry. Immerse PERMA-WRAP™ in water (fresh or salt) for approximately 20 seconds.

5. Start PERMA-WRAP™ over the PHP anchoring with your thumb and continue wrapping 2" on either side of the break. make all wrap tight as possible, wrapping at an angle and overlapping by 1/4" to 1/2" continuing across the break. Finish 2" on the either side of the break with 4 to 6 layers of thickness.

6. After completing the wrapping process, repeatedly tighten and knead PERMA-WRAP™ in the direction of the application which helps remove air pockets for better bonding. Allow 30 minutes for curing before turning on pressure.

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