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    "How-To Use" PERMA-WRAP™

    Watch our "How-To" demonstrations to get the most out of your Perma-Wrap product, and repair your leaky pipes quick and easy.

    Why PERMA-WRAP™?

    We provide the best pipe repair kits in the market! Our convenient, easy to use wraps, patches, tape and putty will fix any leak for any situation! Whether it's for your irrigation Business, Utility Departments, or even your everyday DIY homeowner.

    Technical Support

    Our Technical Support will assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. We want to ensure that you're getting the help you deserve.

    Pressurized Vs. Depressurized

    What's the difference between Pressurized and DePressurized Repair Kits? Visit each of our Repair Kit pages, and learn what keeps them apart.

    Our Testimonials

    We want to personally thank all of our loyal customers that we have personally done service with. Fill out a testimonial form for yourself!

    Become a Dealer

    Interested in becoming a PERMA-WRAP™ dealer? Contact us today about our Dealer start-up information & pricing.


    Proudly Serving our Customers since 1978