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    How to Use PERMA-WRAP™

    1) Preparation

    Reduce line pressure to 60 psi (4 bar). Roughen pipe surface using a wire brush or sand paper to remove excess rust, dirt or loose scale. Remove any oils, greases, soaps or foreign materials from pipe surface.

    Unroll first 6" from roll of black rubber Pressure Sealing Tape and remove backing; set aside.

    2) Put on Latex Gloves

    Warning: Gloves must be worn at all times.

    Complete Step 3 or 4, depending on your application. Then proceed to step 5.

    3) Pinhole

    Remove Syntho-Steel putty from packaging and knead putty until uniform in grey color. Place a ball of mixed putty just large enough to fill the void above the pinhole.

    4) Joint/Potable Water System

    Remove Syntho-Steel putty from packaging and knead putty until uniform in grey color. Mold mixed putty into a 1/8" - 1/4" (3mm - 6mm) rope & place around entire circumference of the joint, pressing firmly into place. Note: the rope should not exceed the shoulder of female fitting.

    Optional: For difficult repairs, apply PHP strip in lieu of, or in addition to, putty (Step 3 & 4). Remove adhesive backing from PHP strip and apply in an overlapping manner around the entire circumference of the joint. 

    5) Apply Black Rubber Pressure Sealing Tape

    Press adhesive side of tape onto pipe beside Putty or PHP Strip and overwrap 2 layers of tape onto itself in a clockwise direction, thus anchoring the tape to the pipe. Continue wrapping tape, stretching it to its maximum tension, working toward putty, thus pushing the putty into the defect. Wrap the remainder of tape directly over the putty, forcing the putty into the defect. Do not chase the leak, as each wrap of tape provides additional pressure to seal the leak. Use entire roll.

    Stop: After applying tape, test repair by following your leak detection procedure to ensure the leak is sealed & contained. If leak persists, remove tape and putty and repeat steps.

    6) Soak PERMA-WRAP and Wrap Pipe

    Open foil pouch containing PERMA-WRAP. Immediately pour water into the foil pouch. To ensure water reaches all areas of tape, squeeze wrap while submerged in water. Submerge wrap for 15 seconds.

    7) Wearing Latex Gloves

    Remove wrap from pouch and tightly wrap, keeping tension at all times. Continue wrapping until you reach 8-10 layers of PERMA-WRAP extending 2 inches on both sides of the leak with 50% overlap. Occasionally twisting wrap as it is applied helps it conform tightly to the pipe surface at elbows or odd geometries.

    8) Remove Excess Water

    Once wrap is applied, squeeze and mold in the direction of the wrap to remove excess water, spreading resin until tacky to touch and ensuring the layers of wrap will tighten.

    9) Allow Cure Time

    Allow 30 minutes for cure time at room temperature (75F) before resuming pressure to the line. Cooler temps or high moisture conditions will extend cure time.



    Leak Repair Instructional Video

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