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    See what some of our loyal customers have said!

    Chet~ "Just wanted to let you know that I used the PW I ordered from you about a few weeks ago and it has held up wonderfully. It has been 2 to 3 weeks since I installed it, and it is dry as a bone. The crack was about 5 inches in a kitchen sink/dish washer drain line. It is holding up spectacularly. It was very easy to install as well. I will use your wrap again if I ever have another leak somewhere. I have been telling everyone about it, and how easy installation is. Thanks for saving me money and aggravation!"

    Jeff Brandt ~ "Thank you! PERMA-WRAP™ and PERMA-BOND has served us once more! Saved us on down-time. Saved us on parts and materials. We have been very successful with our use of PERMA-BOND on low pressure steam coils. It is nice to be able to depend on CEI and their products."

    Ken Lawrence ~ "I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you of the great results we have achieved using the PERMA-WRAP™ products in our Parks Department…we used PERMA-WRAP™ in areas that we simply could not dig due to underground power and utility lines. The time savings alone was of great value to us…I commend you on an excellent product!"


    Brandon Erlandson ~ "While working on the sewage line going from the Statue of Liberty to shore, we discover a 3”x4” hole in the pipe. The pipe being 100 years old measured 7” in diameter. This size is on longer used so no commercially made pipe repair clamp is made to repair the damage. As it was not possible to shut the line down without shutting down the whole system, we used your product, PERMA-WRAP™. Within one-half hour we were back in line and PERMA-WRAP™ held fine."

    Mahalo a nui loa, ~ "We have received the trial kit of PERMA-WRAP™; and tested it on a gas fuel line and a water fountain line and found both applications very acceptable in solving our leaking problems. Thank you very much. With our irrigation system constantly being overloaded, I'm sure we will be in touch again after the present kit has been depleted.

    Jim Nelson ~ "Only once have I needed to use PERMA-WRAP™, but that once was an emergency repair on my boiler line to the surgery room at our hospital. During -10-degree weather in February. PERMA-WRAP™ worked then preventing shut down of our system."

    Corey Griffith ~ “…we felt like the information was too good to be true and decided to put PERMA-WRAP™ to the test...We manufactured a ¾ inch PVC line using PERMA-WRAP™ to cap one end, and a female threaded end at the other as to connect a pressurized line. We cut the line in half and joined the two halves with PERMA-WRAP™. Needless to say, it worked!”

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